How to Help Your Families Prepare for the School Year w/Pamela Wray

Jul 28, 2021

Hi there, 

As we approach the new school year, it is so important to be accommodating & supportive to your families, new or returning, as they enter into new territory yet again.

As school leader Pamela Wray points out in our discussion on how we can help families to prepare for the upcoming year—while some things are returning to normal, we still have never experienced a post-pandemic year of school before. 

Whether it's straightforward, informative communication, extra support or guides as families return, or making a list of FAQs, there are so many ways we can be helping our students & parents as they make this transition, and be creative with it! 

How is your school engaging families and helping them prepare for the new school year? I'd love to hear all about it! Join our Small School Leaders group for a space to connect and share strategies! 

About Pamela 

Pamela Wray is the Enrollment Management Coordinator for the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Richmond. Her focus is strengthening school communities by providing admissions and marketing support to enhance student retention and enrollment growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn!