How to Market Your School's Actual Cost vs Tuition

Feb 26, 2022

✨ Hi there,

🏫 This topic was brought up at our latest Small School Leaders meetup, where essentially, some schools are being fully transparent about the true cost of education during the enrollment process.

So basically they're saying, "Here's how much it costs to educate your child, and here's our tuition." What this does is it puts that tuition cost into perspective 💰 

Some of these schools are giving the option to current parents to pay the actual cost or just tuition. I thought this was fascinating!

💡 I realized how this would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase to parents the true value of their child's school, that even if they didn't want to pay the actual cost, they would see how much more valuable the quality of education is in comparison to tuition. This is a great enrollment and retention strategy!

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