How to Plan Your Admissions, Development, and Marketing Budgets

Jul 13, 2021

Hello friend! 

Are you in a development, admissions, or marketing department at your school? This conversation is one that I believe can benefit anyone working in these departments, especially when it comes to planning and considering your budgets. 

This came from a question I received recently from a small school administrator, who asked what the average percentage is of a school's budget that should be allocated to marketing. 

I'm super excited to discuss this, as it's such an important topic! However, putting together a budget is not necessarily so clear-cut. There are many considerations, such as how a school defines what falls under marketing, admissions, or development. I've worked with many schools and it always varies.

So, reframing this question as "what funds do I need to be able to execute the priorities that are going to move my department forward?" might be more effective. Rather than focusing on an average percentage, focus on your school's specific needs. 

I'd love to hear from you, how are you putting together your budgets this year? What questions do you have around what to include in your budget or how to set your priorities? 

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