How to Shoot Inexpensive and Useful Videos in Small Schools

Mar 04, 2023

In one of our recent Small School Solutions trainings we went through best practices for low-budget in-house videos, what to shoot and when, and also tools that can support these efforts.

In this blog, we are hitting a few of the key points from that training, and the first one is...

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot! No one is ever comfortable doing something they haven't done, and the only way they get comfortable with it is to do it repeatedly until it doesn't feel weird or awkward anymore. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact, it's not going to be, so just know you will need to do several takes...and pause the camera between those takes, which will cut back on any editing that may need to happen, because no one has time to do a lot of editing. 

The next thing to think about is your lighting. There are a few tools that were recommended at the beginning of the training and having a ring light was one of them. But even if you don't have a ring light you can still set yourself up for success. Shooting outside in natural light is a good one, or having your speaker facing into a window so that the natural light highlights their face. You can also strategically place a lamp where it will give lighting to your subject, just be aware of any funky shadows that may be lurking in the background.

And talking about backgrounds...Surroundings Matter! Just like we talk about in the video above, you're a's fine to have children in the background, just be sure that what they are doing is something you want everyone to see. Also, be aware of any leftover lunchboxes, or overflowing trash cans that may be in view. On the flip side, you don't want it to look uninviting, so a strategically placed plant or a few books on the side table can help to give your video some warmth.

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