How to Use LinkedIn Ads at Your School w/Angie Ward

Jul 26, 2021

Hi there! 

Today I'm excited to chat with Angie Ward of Enroll Media Group about the power of using LinkedIn Ads at your school. 

Many schools use Facebook, Instagram, and Google for their advertising, and while those are great tools, LinkedIn advertising allows for different targetting capabilities such as career title and industry, and more. 

LinkedIn can also enable your school to run an HR campaign that would target anybody who works in human resources or talent acquisition at different companies because if they're recruiting people to move to that city and to work there, you would want them to know about your private school.

The possibilities of LinkedIn ads are endless! I'd love to know, are you using LinkedIn for advertising at your school? 

About Angie: 

With 15 years of experience in media and marketing, most of which have been within the education industry, Angie Ward has helped over 200 colleges, universities, and K12 schools with result-driven digital marketing campaigns. Enroll Media Group provides her with the opportunity to lean into data and her industry expertise to help shape strategies that make an impact.