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Independent School Development Team Resource: 4 Strategies for Creating an Effective Stewardship Plan

Dec 02, 2023

In our work with numerous small schools, one common issue we encounter is the absence of a robust stewardship plan for donors. This often results in inconsistent expressions of gratitude and donors feeling underappreciated. 😔 One of the most gratifying tasks for us is helping these schools establish effective stewardship plans that allow them to express thanks and nurture donors using the resources at their disposal. 🌱

Here are four key strategies to create a stewardship plan tailored for your development team:

  1. Understanding Donor Preferences: 🤝 Donors have unique preferences! Engage with them, conduct surveys, and actively seek insights into what they value within your community. Personal touches like photos or heartfelt calls can make a significant impact. #DonorEngagement #Personalization #Gratitude

  2. Creating Donation-Level Specific Plans: 📊 Establish donation circles based on your school's unique giving history, not comparisons with other schools. Tailor giving levels to mirror your current community and its giving capacity. #GivingLevels #TailoredPlans #CommunityFocus

  3. Engage Major Donors Differently: 🌟 Major donors warrant a distinct approach. Create individualized plans that resonate with their interests and reasons for supporting the school. Track efforts through donor software or project management tools. #MajorDonors #IndividualizedApproach #RelationshipBuilding

  4. Year-Round Stewardship: 🔄 Stewardship isn't a one-time act but an ongoing commitment. Engage donors throughout the year, avoiding scenarios where they only receive thank-you notes post-donation. Express gratitude and foster a connection throughout the donor cycle. #StewardshipCycle #ContinuousEngagement #DonorRelationships

Remember, effective stewardship isn't a one-time act but an ongoing commitment to nurturing relationships with donors. By implementing these strategies, schools can enhance donor appreciation and foster long-term support for their institutions. 🏫💙 #DonorAppreciation #StewardshipStrategies #BuildingConnections

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