Independent School Retention Using the Connect 4 Framework

Jan 21, 2022

Hi there!

As we all know - it costs more money, time, energy, and frustration to get prospective families into our school rather than keeping the families we already have and love.

🏫 By implementing the Connect 4 Framework, you’ll be sure to boost your school’s retention rates!

 Number 1️⃣ Connection to the Teacher 

Teachers are with students the majority of the day, and as a parent, we want to know and trust that our child is in good hands. This translates as a conscious effort from your school to affirm parents throughout the entirety of the school year on who their child’s teacher(s) is, how they’re interacting, what their role is, etc. There need to be ample opportunities for parents to form connections and trust with their child’s teacher(s). 

 Number 2️⃣ Connection to Peers

This means two things: 1.) Students connected to peers in the same grade and 2.) Parents connected with other parent peers in that grade. Parents need other parents to connect and build community with. Parent peers in a specific grade level all have children learning and experiencing the same things at the same pace throughout the school year which naturally fosters these necessary relationships. 

 Number 3️⃣ Connection to Child’s Experience

As a parent, we need to know how our children are doing - Are they happy? What are they learning? Are they making progress? Are they making friends? Etc. Schools need to give feedback on how their children are doing to affirm parents on what their child is experiencing and learning. This is a great opportunity to showcase the value proposition of your school! 

 Number 4️⃣ Connection to Classroom

Make sure you are clear and understanding of your value proposition as a school and how that is manifesting in the classroom. Parents chose your school for a reason and want to know how those values are being translated. Let your parents know, whether it's through pictures, videos, emails, etc. what’s happening in the classroom and how their child is benefitting. 

 🤔 Not sure what your parents are thinking and would like to know? Schedule a third-party interview with me today! ESM offers a safe space for parents to speak honestly about their school experience which will offer you the insight you need to take your school marketing in the right direction. 

 ✨ What are you doing to retain students and families at your school? I’d love to know. Email me at [email protected] 🤗