Is Print Advertising Dead? ☠️

Sep 03, 2021

Hi there, 

A big question I've been hearing amongst small & independent schools lately is should we continue to use print advertising? 

There's no doubt of the power of digital advertising—it's relatively simple to create ads, publish, and track results. Does this mean print advertising is dead? 😵

The answer is unfortunately not as straightforward as 'yes' or 'no.' The effectiveness of print advertising depends on your school. 

The key to determining if your print advertising is effective is to 1. determine your goal and 2. set up a way to track your results. There are many ways to do this, whether it's routing prospective families to a landing page or asking "how did you hear about us?"

Then, it's looking at the results and figuring out your return on investment, and weighing if your print ads are worth it. 

So I'd love to know—do you use print advertising at your school? How are you tracking your results? 

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