Making the Most of Your Small School's Faculty In-Service! 🎥

Aug 19, 2022
🏆 I'm a faculty/staff in-service veteran. I am not going to fib...I always let out a groan 😔 when that week rolled around. But this intensive preparation time serves many purposes. And when I became Director of Marketing and Development, I saw this as a great opportunity. 🤔

Why? Because faculty/staff were all on campus and forced to participate in a week of meetings and activities. 🙄 Perfect! 🙌 I wormed my way into the agenda and blocked off time to film faculty/staff.

🎙️ 📽️ 📋 I batched all the videos I needed from them for the entire year, like...

✅ Annual Fund (why I support the school) and Soft-touches for Newsletters and Social Media (why I love the school, what drew me to x school, what I'm excited about this year, my favorite lessons to teach, how I see students grow and thrive at school, etc.). 🤔 👌

I also convinced the administration to make a faculty/staff checklist that they had to complete before the end of the work week (another name for in-service). 📋 I strategically listed the video shoots on a Google Form (which included spaces to fill out bio, what they love about the school, why they support the school, a sentence about that year's theme, etc.) on the exit form. 🤔 👏

That meant that I got everything I needed for the whole year— including video and quotes—during that one week. 🙌 It made my life so much easier. 😎

Tell me, how do you use faculty in-service and work week to set your department up for success?
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