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Marketing Minute: Professional Development


Hello, I'm Aubrey Bursch with Easy School Marketing and today I'm going to talk with you about professional development.  🤓 

Now usually October through March is prime professional development season, and this is when you want to take advantage of multiple forms of professional development. 

   ✅  Online 

   ✅  In-person 

   ✅  Events 

   ✅  Workshops

   ✅  Long-term engagements  

And it’s really important to diversify. Make sure you have time with colleagues nationwide, not just within your area. This allows you to glean ideas and strategies, not just from your specific audience here, but nationwide because they have a lot to offer. 😉 

In addition, it's figuring out what topics you really want to focus on this year. 🤔 

   ✅  Marketing

   ✅  Development

   ✅  Enrollment

   ✅  Teaching Specialties

   ✅   Staffing Challenges

And I always say…professional development is only as good as the follow-up. 🧐 

One thing I do is to have a Google spreadsheet ready when I'm going to a professional development opportunity.  I will make columns such as, What am I implementing now? What am I implementing next year? What's the five-year plan? What's probably not going to happen?  And this helps keep me on track. 🙌 

And now for the really important part, setting aside time to reflect and to implement, because, without that time, it's really difficult to move things forward. 🤔 

I hope you found this helpful, and I look forward to seeing you at a professional development opportunity this year.


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