Marketing Your Small School is Holistic, Here's How! 🤩

Aug 08, 2022

I meet with lots of Heads of School and administrators and I'm sometimes very surprised by their view of marketing. 🤔

Some schools think marketing is about digital ads, email sequences, brand awareness, communications, SEO, and social media. 📩 📨 📥 ⌨️ 🖥️

Yes, marketing is all of those things. But it's also so much more.

Marketing is woven into the fabric of your school. 🧸 It's part of every communication, conversation, and connection.

Internal marketing has the power to increase retention and keep the families you love. 😍 External marketing, when executed well, can help families find you and understand your value. ✅

Marketing can't and shouldn't be confined to a box. 📦 It's one of the most powerful tools a school can use to build community, increase enrollment and retention, and keep the school moving forward.

As schools look to the future, 🌐 holistic marketing —the acknowledgment that marketing is part of every department and the school as a whole—needs to be a priority. 👏 😎

Holistic marketing is what will help schools survive and thrive. What are you doing to ensure holistic marketing is alive and well at your school?

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