Why You Need to Market Your School NOW

Dec 08, 2020

Hello there, 

As we're heading into the spring, I know you are probably dealing with admissions, interest from public school families, teacher stress, disgruntled families, and of course additional COVID-19 safety issues and distance learning.

There is A LOT going on right now, and some of that high-level marketing strategy has fallen off our plates.

Of course, I understand the craziness at the moment, but I'm going to urge you to focus your attention on marketing and pick back up some of the strategic high-level things you dropped.

What are some things that need attention right now? What are other tasks we can put off until later? 

The strategies covered in this video will save you time and money in the long run.

I hope this is helpful! What are you focusing on in marketing right now? Are you in the weeds? Are you thinking high-level strategy?