The Joy of Missing Out: A Book for Busy Moms (Perfect for women Independent School Leaders!)

Sep 04, 2020

Hey there, 

My children are ages 5 and 8. And as a busy mom and business owner, I have to admit that I sometimes drop the ball in the parenting department #momguilt.

I’m committed to being a better parent. I’m delving deep into the world of parenting books and courses.

And while listening to a podcast recently, I came across Tanya Dalton, CEO and mompreneur. Her actionable no-nonsense view on how to enjoy more of the things you love and be a more present mom really appealed to me.

So I picked up her book The Joy of Missing Out. I’m in the process of reading it but already feel more inspired :-) Watch this video for more!

Cheering you on every step of the way!


Aubrey Bursch, Founder, Easy School Marketing

P.S. Tell me what you’re reading now. I’d love to hear your parenting, business, leadership, and marketing book recommendations. DM or email me at [email protected].