New Family Retention for the End of the Year

Oct 29, 2021

Hi there! 

Are you working on new family retention right now? Today I have a few tips that I urge you to implement now if you aren't already. 

1. Do a new parent survey. This gives parents an outlet to express their feedback, especially if it's anonymous. 

2. Parent/teacher conferences. This is an opportunity to get feedback from your teachers about how your new families are adapting and which families may need extra attention. 

3. Head of school & administration phone calls. This is so important right now because it's a personalized way to ask about your families' experience and their connection to their school. 

4. November is all about gratitude! Express your gratitude to your families by sending heartfelt messages or cards that can really make them feel appreciated.

5. Don't forget to seed & incentivize. This is all about showcasing what their child's next grade/level holds. (FOMO works, my friends!)

6. Plan and continue to showcase your value in January and February. 

Remember, we always have to be thinking two steps ahead. By working on your retention efforts NOW, you can gain insights into your families and improve their experience. 

So ask yourself: how can my school go above & beyond to support our new families? 

I'd love to hear about the retention strategies you're using. If you're at a small school and you're looking for a space to connect with other small school administrators, our monthly Small School Leaders group is the meetup for you! Sign-up here.