4 Strategies to Uplevel Your School's Newsletter

Feb 16, 2021

Hello today! 

I have a much-needed topic for you today: your school's newsletter!

Take a moment and ask yourself:

Are we consistent in our planning and sending of newsletters? Is it easy for parents to find the information they need in our newsletters? Does our newsletter include images or videos?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, this is perfect for you. Don't worry, I've boiled it down to 4 simple strategies:

📧 Determine the schedule & function of your newsletters. Are you reminding parents about information? Are you keeping them up to date? Are you sending weekly events? Do you have multiple newsletters for different levels and divisions?

📧 Make it easy! Fewer words, shorter paragraphs! Think about bolding, italicizing, using images & links, AND creating a clear, call-to-action.

📧 Build social proof. Share current parents' experiences through testimonials and content.

📧 Tell your school's story by featuring content, sharing community stories, highlighting staff members & teachers, and inviting parents to engage!

I hope these are helpful! Want feedback? Send me your school's newsletter!