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October: Keep the Families You Love Month

🤔 If I could come up with a catchy way to smush Retention + October together (Retentober? Octention?) I would. 😜 But nothing magical came to me. 🤷 

Although retention should be a year-round effort, I feel like the official hard-core kick-off should be in October. 🎃 If school started in late August/early September then parents have been in school for 4–6 weeks. The newness has worn off a bit...and we, as busy school leaders, may have gotten a little lax in our phone calls/outreach to families ☎️ ✉️ (probably putting out other fires 🔥 🚒 and dealing with piles of to-dos📚 ).

So let's review Four Key Retention Principles and ask..."How we can apply them this month?"

1) Connection to a Child's Experience (How are you connecting parents with their child's social, emotional, and academic experience?).

2) Connection to the Teacher (How are we building the getting-to-know, and trust factor between parents and teachers?).

3) Connection to the Classroom (How are we showcasing the joy of learning and all the cool lessons and moments that happen in the classroom?).

4. Connection to Peers (How are we building peer-parent connections in the same grade/class?).

These principles are effective at retaining families, especially in K–8 independent schools. 😍 and if you're looking for some ideas on ways to reconnect with families, this short video I did with Pamela Wray has some good ideas. 

Tell me, what are you doing this month to keep the families you love? 😎 

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