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One Question You Should Add to Your New Parent Surveys


✨ Hi there,

💬 There is one question you need to add to your new parents’ surveys!

📑 At ESM, we work with a lot of clients on developing surveys that are tailored especially to their community and one of the many surveys we offer is for new parents. We send this new parent survey out during re-enrollment season, and ever since we added this one question, we've been seeing some very insightful feedback! 🙌

🤗 The question is simple, and is usually reframed based on the needs of each individual, but falls along the lines of, "Given your experience thus far, do you plan to continue?" 

This one question reveals why parents are choosing to stay or go and allows the opportunity for an open, insightful conversation 💡

This data is crucial for understanding the needs of your parents and is the key to boosting your enrollment efforts and retention success! 🙌

I'd love to know, how are you engaging with your new families and what sort of questions are you including in your new family surveys? Email me at [email protected] 📧



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