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What's your Private School's Online Presence Saying to Prospective Parents?


Many of you are probably thinking, "oh yeah, I know my website and social need to be up to date. This doesn't apply to me."

Well, hold on partner! Let me ask you this: Do you have a weekly date scheduled in your calendar to google your school (on multiple platforms)? If not, then listen up my friend.

In an age of millennial parents and the growth of social media, now more than ever it is critically important that your school has a strong online presence. 

This goes beyond an updated website or photos on Facebook. This is literally Googling your school every week and following the path of what people see when you come up. 

It's pretending you're a prospective parent and going through each step as if you're new to your school's brand. 

If you're doing that- super. If not, check out some more tips in my video. 

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