It's PLAN-uary! (Best Planners for 2021)

Jan 01, 2021

Hey there,

Welcome to PLAN-uary!

Yep, we've made it to 2021 and it's already time to set your new's years resolutions and start planning ahead for the year to come.

What better way to do that than talking about my favorite planners?

So, we have the Full Focus Planner and the Panda Planner

The Full Focus Planner is great for planning the week ahead with a Weekly Preview section and has a lot of space for daily notes, morning rituals, and checkboxes for daily tasks.

Highlights of the Panda Planner include its large size for a lot of notes, setting daily affirmations, gratitude, and daily wins. I honestly wish I had a combination of the two, but I do love them both.

It seems like a lot of people are either totally against physical planners and do it all digitally or are die-hard planner fans. I used to be all about saving paper until I realized planners are extremely helpful.

So, let me know what you use, because I definitely will be needing another one soon!

Happy PLAN-uary!