PLANuary: How School Leaders Successfully Combine their Love of Paper Planners With Technology

Jan 01, 2024

In my two decades of experience working closely with school leaders, I've observed that paper planners continue to hold significant relevance in the professional lives of educators. 📚🍎 Despite the prevalence of technology, I've noticed a common trend at conferences – many attendees prefer jotting down notes and organizing their thoughts in good old-fashioned notebooks and planners. This inclination toward paper is particularly strong in educational settings, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. #EduTech #PaperVsDigital

But how do school leaders strike a balance between their love for paper planners and the ever-advancing digital world? To shed light on this dilemma, we recently spoke with a group of school leaders and gathered valuable insights on how to effectively integrate both paper and digital tools into their routines. Here are some best practices we uncovered: 📝💻

  1. Utilize Google Calendar as Your Digital Hub: Google Calendar serves as the cornerstone of your digital organization. By inputting your appointments and schedules into this platform, you ensure that your calendar is accessible anytime, anywhere – be it on your phone or other devices. This not only keeps you on track but also guarantees you don't miss any important meetings. Sending and receiving calendar invites becomes effortless, ensuring seamless communication with your peers. #DigitalOrganization #GoogleCalendar

  2. Harness the Power of Paper Planners for Daily Focus: Your paper planner becomes your sanctuary for daily and weekly tasks. Think of it as a tool to declutter your mind and enhance your focus throughout the day. One highly recommended option is the Full Focus Planner, designed to channel your energy and attention effectively. Use your paper planner to structure your thoughts, take notes, and plan your day without the distractions of screens. It provides a tangible and tactile experience, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks and priorities. #PaperPlanner #Focus

  3. Embrace Project Management Software for Enhanced Efficiency: Project management software plays a pivotal role in efficiently managing projects, tasks, and team assignments. It doesn't duplicate your efforts; instead, it serves as a centralized hub where everything is meticulously tracked, replicated when necessary, and consistently moved forward. This becomes especially crucial when collaborating with a team. Your planner alone can't provide this level of coordination. By integrating project management software, you ensure that your tasks are synchronized, deadlines are met, and projects progress smoothly. #ProjectManagement #Efficiency

So, how does this hybrid approach work in practice? At the end of each week, you review your Google Calendar, syncing any upcoming meetings or appointments onto your paper planner. Simultaneously, you consult your project management software to identify impending tasks and deadlines. Armed with this information, you update your planner with specific tasks for each day. Each morning, you refer to your planner to focus on your daily objectives, ensuring a clear roadmap for the day ahead. 🗓️📆

This approach allows you to preserve the tactile charm of paper planners while seamlessly integrating the efficiency of technology into your routine. Now, we're curious – what's your favorite planner, and how do you strike a balance between paper and digital tools in your daily life? Let us know your thoughts! #HybridPlanning #TechInEducation


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