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Do you want ongoing affordable professional development for small schools?


Hey there, 

I want to hear from you. I'm thinking of creating some affordable ongoing professional development tailored to small school professionals. 

I don't see anything out there like this and think it'd be very helpful. 

But I need to know what you want and need. 

Do you want a 6-week program in the fall where you get office hours with me to review your marketing copy, website or run by an admissions idea? 

Do you want group strategy sessions where we dive deep into common challenges?

Do you want me to teach on relevant topics twice a week and then have Q&A sessions?

Do you want there to be live and recorded elements?

These are all important things to know! So, if you want me to design a program for you, email me at [email protected] and let me know your dream program. 

Thanks and look forward to chatting!



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