Putting The FUN in Fundraising 💰 🤗

Jun 25, 2021

Hi there, 

Do you hate asking for money? Back when I first came into the fundraising world, I absolutely hated it!

Now, years later, I've grown to love it. It was definitely a learning experience, but if want to put the "fun" back into FUNdraising, I have a few tips that can help. 😉 

💰 Shape your communications to come from a place of abundance with stories of your school, life, and creativity. No one wants to be told that same spiel!

💰 Set boundaries by limiting your fundraising season and the number of asks for money. People need a break, and too many asks are a burden.

💰 Give your asks soft padding by always offering a "soft touch." If you don't know what your major donors want, do a donor survey! 

💰 Do challenge gifts over match gifts, as they are more inspiring and spark creativity! 

💰 Be imaginative about other ways you can make it fun, like having a pizza party if X number of people gave on one day, etc. 

I hope this was inspiring. What creative ways are you making your fundraising efforts more FUN? I'd love to hear your tips! 

If you're looking for a place to connect with other school administrators, join our Small School Leaders group! We meet monthly to share strategies, talk about challenges you're facing, and brainstorm ideas for success. I'd love to see you there.