5 Retention Do's For 2022

Jan 08, 2022

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πŸ˜“ If you're struggling with retention - you're going to see that your external brand hurt, your enrollment hurt and your community suffer.

Here are my 5 retention DO'S for 2022!

1. Surveys and third-party interviews πŸ“‹ how are you going to improve your school if you don't know what parents are feeling/thinking? This can is result what I call the silent but deadly people, a.k.a those who won't say anything and then won't renew their contract for the following year because they're enrolled somewhere else. You need the data in order to make the right decisions on how to improve and what your strengths are. 

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2. Create a drip email series that showcase the next level and end product  πŸ“© so if you're trying to enroll into high school, your recipients would be in middle school. Send out a sequence of emails that have strong case studies and go into detail about the curriculum that's to come and the successful alumni out of that. I highly suggest you make it personalized!

3. Relationships are crucial πŸ«‚ When people feel connected and have strong relationships to the school, they'll feel more comfortable approaching you when an issue arises. We need to get out there and meet parents. We need to talk to them individually. We need to be making phone calls. This is both for the administration and teachers.

4. Building community πŸ‘₯ I think we've seen this fizzle out during COVID because community opportunities have looked very different in person and virtual, but really it's assessing what your community needs. Parents want to know one another. They want to be involved. They want that sense of community. And you can't do that with just one opportunity - you'll need several throughout the year to help those connections develop in order to build that community.

5. Social proof πŸ“² people who have experienced the product know more about the product than we do, right? So social proof could be testimonials, case studies, etc. When parents see social proof from those who have experienced the product, it reaffirms to them that your school is the right option. Weave in social proof into your website, newsletters and anywhere you can! 

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