Retention Tips For Success

Jun 03, 2021

Hey there, 

Today, I have some great retention tips for you to start on NOW and into the summer. By implementing these now, you will set your school up for success in the fall. This is especially important for all of the new families who haven't yet seen what a "normal" school year looks like at your school. 

So, the most important tip is to start the onboarding process for new families, and even a re-entry process for returning families. This means communicating regularly, consistently, and with clarity about every single step of your process. 

Both new and returning families need to see the real value of your school next year and have the independent school experience that they missed out on last year. How can you easily show the value in what your school has to offer & continue to support parents through their journey?

Let me know what your retention efforts are looking like this summer, and if you want some inspiration for onboarding & summer activities, we'll be discussing those strategies at our upcoming Small School Leaders meet-up next Thursday, June 10th at 12pm EDT. Hope to see you there!