Small School Revenue Generation (Beyond Tuition and Summer Camp!!)

May 04, 2020

Hi friend, 
This is Aubrey with Easy School Marketing and I'm here today to talk to you about a very important topic. So listen up!

So many of you as small schools are thinking about "What's my enrollment funnel?" "How do I execute my virtual open house?" "How should I plan for next year?" "How do I improve my distance learning program?"

All very good things to be thinking about. However, when it comes to marketing and when it comes to innovation, I think many of you are overlooking a huge thing. And that is revenue generation.

How are you generating revenue now and in the future? We're all worried about how tuition will work with a possible fall distance learning situation. Will parents pay the full price?   

Meanwhile, you have a huge amount of people online right now. I mean social media is blowing up. Everyone is online.

You have parents at home looking for answers, looking for solutions not only in your area but across the country and across the world.

And yet you're focused on your small population for tuition as a revenue generator. My question to you is, what's wrong with that picture?

Learn more about how to rethink revenue generation in this video. 

And as always, I'm here to help small schools thrive now and in the future!



Founder, Easy School Marketing

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