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Schools Reconnecting with Professionals on Campus

Nov 04, 2023

In a recent gathering of Small School Leaders, one of the most discussed and compelling topics revolved around the concept of inviting professionals back onto school campuses. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, many educational institutions were compelled to halt such initiatives. However, as the situation has improved, schools are now rekindling their relationships with a variety of professionals, including local schools, feeder schools, educational consultants, businesses, and community members. These interactions not only strengthen ties within the community but also offer invaluable opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. 🤝🏫🔗

The Successful Model: During the meeting, a particularly successful model was shared by one school that has effectively re-engaged with professionals. This innovative approach involves inviting professionals to campus on a specific day, offering them two convenient time options: 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The school’s administrative team and selected teachers are present to interact and engage with the visiting professionals. 🕘🕐👥

To tailor the experience to the interests of the visitors, the school sent out a pre-event survey. This survey allowed professionals to indicate their preference regarding the topics they wanted to learn about, such as specific programs, campus facilities, or other aspects of the school. By categorizing attendees based on their preferences, the school was able to create smaller, focused groups, each dedicated to a particular area of interest. 📋🤓

Benefits of Tailored Engagement: This approach ensured that professionals with diverse backgrounds and interests could engage deeply in topics that mattered most to them. For instance, a representative from a competitor school might explore the school's new gymnasium alongside an admissions director, while an educational consultant could delve into the school's unique programs and their impact on student development with the Head of School. This personalized engagement not only fostered genuine interest but also encouraged meaningful conversations and idea exchanges. 💡🗨️

Expressing Gratitude and Fostering Relationships: Following the event, the school expressed gratitude to all attendees and participants, emphasizing the importance of their presence. In a gesture of appreciation, attendees received a token of gratitude in the form of a Starbucks gift card. Additionally, the school sent out detailed information about its programs, achievements, and upcoming initiatives, further strengthening the connections made during the event. ☕🎁💌

The Significance of Professional Engagement: Events like these play a crucial role in re-establishing lost connections and nurturing new relationships. By bringing professionals back to campus, schools not only showcase their progress and developments but also open avenues for collaboration and support. These interactions are not just one-time affairs; they lay the foundation for enduring partnerships and collaborations that can greatly benefit the school community. 👥🌱🤝

Looking Ahead: As schools move into the next academic year, the trend of inviting professionals back to campus is expected to gain momentum. These events serve as vital touchpoints, ensuring that schools remain at the forefront of educational innovation, community engagement, and professional networking. By continuing to foster these connections, small schools can thrive, creating a robust ecosystem where knowledge, expertise, and support flow freely, enriching the educational experience for everyone involved. 📚🏫🌟

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