How To Seed and Incentivize

Oct 13, 2020

Hi everyone! 

Today I'm talking about an important marketing strategy called seeding. 

Seeding is marketing a product by weaving it in with stories, clients' results, successes, or other examples—it's a sales pitch that doesn't sound like a sales pitch. By the time the product is offered, the client understands the value of the product. 

This might not be something we are thinking about in small schools. However, we can use seeding both for the students and the parents so that when re-enrollment comes around for the next year, they are already sold. 

This might look like, for example, an 8th-grade trip discussed in 7th grade, or a time capsule buried in kindergarten that students will open at 5th-grade graduation.

These are small ways to incentivize families to stay.

How can you use seeding in your small schools?