Serving Beyond Your Private School Community: Embracing Opportunity

Apr 19, 2020

Hi friend, 

I'm excited to talk with you about how to serve beyond your community and why it's more important than ever to take massive action around this issue.

You might think, I'm so busy serving my school families why do I need to serve beyond?

Yes, it's critical to engage, connect and serve your community but now is the time to think of the broader digital world before you.

Now more than ever, with everyone online and social media blowing up, there is a tremendous opportunity to serve beyond your community.

It's an opportunity to make an impact, to create and sell offerings, to build digital courses, to share your mission with others, and to take your school to the next level.

Very few private schools are doing this and that's why it's critical for your school to start. Yes, these are uncharted waters but the reward for navigating them is huge.

As small private schools, the digital world and serving beyond our community doesn't come naturally to us. It goes against our traditional method of teaching and revenue generation. 

If you're on the fence, think about this: whenever things are challenging or involve risk, fewer people participate.

That means a wide blue ocean of opportunity for those that see the opportunity, take the chance and serve beyond their community. 

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Aubrey Bursch, Founder, Easy School Marketing 

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