Social Proof: Why Prospective Families Don't Choose You

Sep 04, 2020

Hey there, 

Recently, I did about 30 Online Brand Visibility Assessments for schools in the area and also for some of my clients.

What did I find? Around 95% of the schools I reviewed were not paying attention to the different review sites and not responding to negative and positive reviews.

They did not know what prospective families were seeing.

Social proof is important. Before anyone calls you, they're going to Google you and research you online. And that's why you need to make sure that you’re monitoring your brand online.

Are you ready for spring 2021 enrollment? Now is the time to strengthen your online presence so that you're prepared admissions season.

Cheering you on every step of the way!


Aubrey Bursch, Founder of Easy School Marketing

P.S. Are you wondering how to optimize your online presence? I highly recommend that you go watch my free training “5 Strategies to Improve Your Online Presence & Increase Enrollment” because it's going to walk you step by step through how to really look at your social proof, why it's important, and what to do about it.