3 Reasons Why Your School Should Stay in Its Lane

Mar 09, 2021

Hello today! 

I want to bring up the difference between healthy and toxic school competition.

I see this all the time! While it's important to monitor your competition, it's not a good idea to model the other school simply because you want to jump on a new trend, or adapt what looks like a flashy marketing tactic. 

Whatever it might be, here are three reasons to avoid this:

🏫  You don't know that what other school is doing is even successful. (The grass is always greener, folks! While it might seem like a great idea, you actually don't know how it's working for them)

🏫  You don't know how the other school is tracking their efforts. (and, each school has a different gauge of success!)

🏫  Other schools don't have the same resources, staff, talent, community, or niche that you have. It's apples and oranges! 🍎 🍊

So, next time you adopt a practice of another school, ask yourself... why am I doing this? Do I have the same community as them? Do I know how it's working, and how they're tracking success? 

I hope this was helpful, and if you need more advice on competition, your niche, or marketing strategies that fit your school's needs & recourses, I'm a call or an email away! Schedule a call with me here, or shoot me an email.