Strategic Connection During Fundraising & Auction Season at Your Private School 💸

Aug 30, 2022

🌷 During this time of year, there's a lot that's unfolding — fundraising, annual funds, admissions events, open houses, and everything in between. We often forget that when we're planning out these seasons, we also have to plan out strategic connections 👥

Because of the chaos of invites, donations, etc. we forget that certain constituents aren't involved in the day-to-day of your community and may not be seeing the value of what's actually happening at your school 💸

🚦 Before hitting the gas, and asking for donations and attendance, we need to be intentional in building a connection first. A.k.a, we need to warm them up. 

📧 This can be achieved through soft-touch emails, something in the mail, a handwritten note, etc. The possibilities are endless! 🤗

✨ I'm curious, how are you strategically building connections during this season? I'd love to know, email me at [email protected].