Building a Stronger School Community w/Jamie Giblett

Apr 28, 2021

Hey there! 

Today I'm thrilled to be joined by Jamie Giblett of Digistorm, a software company that specializes in the K-12 education industry, to chat about current trends in technology and how school apps & platforms can build stronger school communities.

As we transition out the pandemic, many schools are in a hybrid remote/in-person state finding the most effective ways to keep their communities engaged.

How do we build even stronger communities during this transition and into the future? What tools can we use to nurture sustainable growth in our schools? 

Jamie dispels some common myths about school apps & platforms, including... 

Apps are too expensive for my small school
Apps won't give parents or alumni a customized experience
Apps are rigid and hard to work with

Watch the video for more info (and to see Jamie's adorable dogs!) 🐶 Also, learn more about Digistorm here.

I hope you're inspired, and I'd love to know—how have you been navigating community building during this time, and what are your plans for next school year? Connect with me on LinkedIn!