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How to Better Systematize Your Team's Work


Hey there, 

I know I've been talking a lot about systematizing and workflow lately. That's because I can't stress enough how crucial they are to the acceleration of your schools' teams! 

Today I want to address an issue I'm seeing in independent schools, large or small, that frequently gets overlooked. Here are some questions to consider: 

Do you or members of your team wear many hats?
Do your schools' teams have the systems in place for a smooth transition, should someone on your team leave? 
Do you clearly know what everyone else on your team is doing? 

If you're unsure of these, I challenge you to take a step back before summer, and put some steps in place to help your team in the long run: 

1. Clearly define the roles of each individual on your team 
2. Keep documentation of processes 
3. Update job descriptions yearly 
4. Use a collaborative project management tool 

I've seen schools' admissions, development, and marketing teams completely transform by helping them put these systems in place! 

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