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The #1 Fundraising & Retention Mistake Schools Make


Hey there, 

Fundraising season is quickly approaching! How are your preparations going? 

Let's make sure you're ready for the season by discussing the one thing that can make or break participation in your annual giving: 

Relationship-building! Yes, I talk about this a lot as a key factor in your communications and retention efforts, but it's absolutely crucial in fundraising as well. 

Why? Let's say the first time a parent is hearing from you this year is with your fundraising ask. Now, imagine another parent just received a beautiful card in the mail with a picture of their child having fun at your annual pumpkin patch. Which parent is more likely to donate? 

This not only applies to fundraising, it is true for any ask you make, as well as your overall retention. Those small touchpoints and positive experiences you create with your families will add up to that connection your parents need. 

I'd love to hear from you, what strategies do you use for relationship-building?

If you're looking for a place to get inspired with ways to increase your annual giving, join us at our next Small School Leaders meetup!



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