The 7 Rules for Super Summer Communications for Your Private School

Apr 23, 2022

✨ Hi there,

Communication is really important, especially NOW 💬 You want to make sure you're communicating with your new and current families this summer - so let's chat about how you can do this effectively 🙌 

1.) Continue Your Weekly Emails 📧 If you were always sending out an email on Fridays, why would you stop over the summer? If your reasoning is because school isn't in session, know that these things can be batched and scheduled ahead of time. Sending emails throughout the summer is a great way to include traditional content, prepping for school, summer events, etc. 🤗

2.) Preview the next grade level and get them excited 🏫 For example, you could send out videos of teachers from the next grade introducing all the fun and exciting things yet to come - there are so many creative ways you could go about this! This is also a great way to communicate your value over the summer 🏖😎 

3.) Spoonfeed important information. Incorporate all things from the parent handbook, because we know they don't actually flip through and read the entire thing. Sending them this over the summer is a great way for them to receive the information in digestible pieces 📚

4.) Create a hub where parents can go for everything about school life 💻 This could be a page of frequently asked questions, a portal, etc. Just somewhere for parents for when they get lost, they can get that information all in one place. 

5.) Keep track of the questions parents are asking, create an FAQ, and share it. Chances are if one parent is asking a particular question, there are plenty of others. Put the FAQ in your weekly newsletter for parents to easily access and continue to add to it as more questions arise 📄

6.) Sprinkle in a couple of high-level emails from your head of school 🏫 Every now and then send out some visionary emails about traditions, reaffirming the value propositions or the core pillars of your school and community. This sets the tone for the upcoming year!

7.) Tell parents when you plan to communicate 💬 Inform parents that you'll continue your communications, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe that's telling them you're continuing to send out your weekly newsletter, and be sure to stick to that schedule 💪

 I'd love to know, how are you communicating with parents throughout the summer? Email me at [email protected] 📧