The Changing Role of Parent Volunteers

Mar 26, 2022

✨ Hi there,

🤗🏫 I'm seeing schools everywhere getting ready to once again bring in parent volunteers! Knowing how much our schools need support, this is an exciting development 🙌 However, the role of parents volunteers has shifted drastically - parents are extremely busy. 

So when we finally welcome parents into our school doors, there are a couple of things I'd advise you to keep in mind to make the experience fulfilling and functional for all! 💬

1.) Align the interests of the parent with their volunteer experience 🌱🎨🎭🔬 It's important that when busy parents take time out of their day to volunteer their time to your school, that it's toward something they find meaningful. Be sure to ask, "How would you like to volunteer?", or "What volunteer experience would be most meaningful to you?" This ensures that your parents will stay engaged because they're participating in something that they find valuable ✨

2.) Rethink your volunteer structure 🤔💭 What schools are finding is that parents are shying away from bigger chair/leadership positions. They're looking for bite-sized pieces of things that they can take on and coordinate with their schedule. So be willing to shift things up! 🙌

I'd love to know, in what ways are you preparing for the return of parent volunteers? Email me at [email protected] ✨