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This FREE Tool Helps Private Schools Rank Higher on Google


We know our millennial families are checking us out online. But I see soooo many schools not utilizing this easy, free tool!!

Let me tell you, it's a game changer! So grab your computer or phone and I'm going to show you how to find and use this tool

Ok, we're going to start by Googling your school's name. What comes up? Look at the right hand side of your screen (in the center if on a smart phone). Do you see a listing of your school's name, address and phone number and Google reviews?

That's your Google Business account!!! And it's one of the most underused tools on the planet (well that may be overdramatic but it's true!).  

Now before you tune out because  you've already "got" a Google Business account, listen up.

Schools tell me they've updated their Google Business account when really all they've done is fill in their name, phone, website and hours. *Forehead slap!*

Seriously people, there is so much more to do! In the past year, Google has opened many options for you to write descriptions (another way for you to tell the world what you do!), list your services (hello, marketing!), and share photos and videos.

And it just gets better. Google gives you the option of create posts - featuring updates, a product, or event. You can upload photos and videos (under 1 minute) in these posts. And you can track how many people see the posts! 

This is huge! Experts say that the more you post and keep your Google Business profile updated, the higher you'll rank on Google (and the more notice you'll get).

And this is something you can set up TODAY within 30 minutes. I guarantee you can go in to your account, update everything and start posting. 

Then make it part of your marketing plan. So, get cracking my friend. 

Check out my video for more information about this amazing tool!

Until next time...


Founder, Easy School Marketing 

P.S. Did you optimize your Google Business account? Share your win with me at [email protected] or DM me!


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