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The Influence of Marketing, Admissions, and Development Presentations at Faculty In-Service

Aug 12, 2023

📚 Faculty In-Service sessions offer an incredible platform for the marketing, development, and admissions teams to connect with the faculty and staff. When you present at Faculty In-Service, you get to showcase your roles, clarify expectations, emphasize the importance of everyone's involvement in these initiatives, and foster better understanding all around. 🤝👥

After giving numerous Faculty In-Service workshops and presentations, let me share some tips you can use to create effective and engaging presentations for your faculty and staff.

  • Set a Positive Tone: Start the session on a high note by sharing positive feedback and testimonials from parents and students. This appreciation will create a positive mindset among you and your colleagues, fostering enthusiasm for the upcoming school year. 🙌👏
  • Paint the Bigger Picture: When discussing marketing, for example, it's essential to start by presenting the wider landscape of independent schools and the trends that impact them. We provide data and quotes from parent surveys to shed light on their feelings and expectations. This shows how these insights connect with the school's mission and goals. 🏫🔗
  • Be Transparent About School Performance: Faculty and staff deserve to be informed about enrollment and retention. We usually share key performance metrics to help them understand the importance of their contributions to the school's success. We balance transparency with a positive outlook to inspire confidence and collaboration. 📊📈
  • Outline Your Marketing, Admissions, and Development Plan: We explain the plan for the upcoming year in a clear and concise manner. We're specific about the strategies and initiatives that will be implemented and the goals we hope to achieve. It's important to emphasize how faculty and staff contributions help us reach those goals. 📝🚀
  • Seek Faculty Support and Input: Encourage faculty members to actively participate by providing them with time to brainstorm and develop their marketing, enrollment, and development contributions. For example, allow them time to collaborate with their assistants or as a group to figure out how they can best produce their weekly classroom communications. ⚡️🧠
  • Make It Fun and Engaging: We avoid dull PowerPoint presentations! We add interactive elements like quizzes to keep everyone engaged. We offer raffles and giveaways as rewards for innovative ideas and efforts. Creating a positive atmosphere that encourages participation. 🎁🎈

Faculty In-Service sessions offer the perfect platform to share the goals of the marketing, development, and admissions departments, gain buy-in from faculty and staff, educate them about your roles, build a sense of community, and much more. Engaging faculty and staff in an exciting and interactive manner helps build a cohesive team that is enthusiastic about contributing to the school's growth and success. 🌱🏆

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