The Secrets to a Successful Private School Marketing Team (or any team!)

Nov 05, 2019

Searching for the recipe for a successful team? Look no further! In this video, I share the team philosophy that's resulted in success. It's how we get so much done with such small teams.

First, I ask every team to embrace this: "Perfectionism kills dreams. And Marketing." And along with this I ask them to stop striving for the A+. We're not getting graded anymore people!

Since these small teams have to produce massive amounts of work, they can't get hung up on perfectionism. Our motto: B- Effort. Yep. It's true. Not mistake-filled work but producing at a scale that we hit success way more often than if we were creating A+ material.

Learn the why behind this and many more team secrets in this video! 


Founder, Easy School Marketing

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