Unveiling the Magic of "Surprise & Delight" in School Marketing

Sep 09, 2023

🌟 Today, I want to introduce you to a captivating concept called #SurpriseAndDelight. While you may already be practicing it unknowingly, let's delve deeper into this intriguing strategy.

"Surprise & Delight" involves doing something unexpected and personalized for someone, leading to genuine appreciation. When we implement this approach, a fascinating psychological phenomenon comes into play - #reciprocity.

Let me illustrate this with an example. 🏫 Picture a school renowned for its exceptional environmental program, boasting an organic farm with lush vegetables 🥦🌽🍅 and cheerful chickens 🐔. During tours, the Admissions personnel take prospective families on a delightful stroll through the farm, allowing them to handpick fresh vegetables. But that's not all; each family is gifted a recyclable bag 🛍️ and a heartwarming personalized note 💌 from one of the students. Such thoughtful gestures create an unforgettable and individualized experience for the visitors.

Now, you might wonder, does this guarantee automatic enrollment in the school? Not necessarily, but here's where the magic of reciprocity comes into play. When families are treated with unexpected warmth and personalized care, it sparks a desire within them to give back in some way. This could manifest in various forms, such as writing a glowing Google Review 🌟 or enthusiastically recommending the school to friends and acquaintances, even if they ultimately decide on a different educational institution. And sometimes, this enchanting process culminates in actual enrollments 🎓, where families wholeheartedly choose the school for its exceptional offerings.

Understanding and embracing the concept of #SurpriseAndDelight can make a significant impact on your enrollment, marketing, and development efforts. By fostering personalized connections and leaving a lasting positive impression, you sow the seeds of reciprocity that can yield remarkable results for your school.

So, as you embark on your journey of attracting families and nurturing relationships, remember the magic of #SurpriseAndDelight and let it infuse your school's unique charm into every interaction. Your thoughtful gestures can create a ripple effect of goodwill and enthusiasm that sets your school apart and leaves a lasting mark on those who cross its path. 🌟 #Education #Enrollment #Marketing #Reciprocity #Personalization

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