Why Your Website Photos are Killing Your Enrollment! 😮☠️

Dec 01, 2020

Hi there!

I'm here today to discuss a huge issue I'm seeing right now that is killing your enrollment efforts! 

Let me start by asking you to do a quick exercise: look at another school's homepage photos right now. What do you see? What is your initial reaction?

Probably, what you're seeing is smiling children standing next to each other, candids of unmasked teachers and school administrators. Yes, these are incredible, cute photos! However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and what are these pictures saying? 

They are showing your families that you are not focusing on safety during COVID-19, they are not representative of the current times and they are not helping you right now.

So instead, show your families what you are doing to help their children during COVID-19, and the incredible amount of effort you are putting in each and every day to make their learning environment the best it can be. 

Let me know if this is helpful, and I hope to see you on Thursday, Dec 10 at 12pm EST for our final Small School Leaders Power-Hour of the year!