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Will Your Families Stay? 5 Retention Tips to Help You Find Out


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As schools, we want to know who's leaving and who’s staying - This helps us plan and decipher what's working, what's not, why are people leaving? Etc. This time of year is so important because it determines how many openings we have next year, our marketing strategy and so much more. 

🤗 So let's dive into my five tips that will help you determine if families are staying or leaving!

 Number 1️⃣ Teacher Tracking 

More than anyone else, teachers are most in contact with parents and students. Ask teachers to pay close attention to any signs of departure - this can be found through conversations between parents and teachers, teachers and students, etc. Utilize forms and team meetings for teachers to target potential families that are leaving so that you can keep track, follow up and save them from leaving.

 Number 2️⃣ Surveys 

Consider sending out surveys for parents to fill out on their school experience that can include questions as blunt as, “Do you plan on continuing enrollment next year” or questions that are more discreet, such as “Would you recommend our school to others?” and take close note of their response. 

Number  3️⃣ Administration Check-Ins.

Between January - March, I highly encourage division heads, school directors, administrators, etc. to check in with families and inquire how they’re feeling/doing. This action will speak volumes and will affirm to parents that you care about their school experience. Ask questions such as “What challenges are you facing?”, “Is there anything we can do to improve?” “How can we better support you?”

 Number  4️⃣ Third-Party Interviews

Not everyone loves a direct conversation with school administrators, so I have a solution for you! Third-Party Interviews give parents the space to feel comfortable sharing their authentic feelings in regards to your school and where their challenges arise. ESM offers Third-Party Interviews, giving you the insight you need to save your retention - click here to schedule yours today!

 Number  5️⃣ Attendance and Engagement

During this period, it’s common that schools host information nights about the next level, information nights about the next grade, sneak, peeks into the next grade, etc. This is a good time to track attendance - who’s coming, who’s not, why? Make some phone calls, figure out why those people aren't there. In addition, if you're doing an email drip series about educating to the next level, I highly recommend looking at open rates to see who's engaging with the emails. 

🤗 Interested in learning more? Watch the full video for a bonus tip!

  I'd love to hear from you, how are you finding out if parents are leaving or staying? I'd love to hear. Email me @ [email protected]



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