You Took a Gamble on an Applicant: Now What? 🤔

Feb 26, 2022

✨ Hi there,

🤔 So you took a gamble on an applicant, now what? Perhaps last year you needed more students so you took the risk and admitted families that you thought would be a good fit, but weren't 100% positive.

😓 A year later these families leave, maybe spreading negative feedback about the school and unnecessary drama ensues. 

  1.   The first question to ask is, "How many of these families are leaving and why?" Maybe you didn't screen them. Maybe they weren't the right fit. Maybe you took too many gambles. Asking yourself this question is the first step to getting closer to the why.
  2. "How much energy did the teachers and administration spend with this family?" I typically find when I'm working with schools, that 20% of the families take up 80% of teachers and administration's time, usually creating a negative environment. If your gambled applicants make up that 20%, it's time to seriously reflect 💭
  3. Did the student and family add value to the community? Were they active and involved? When families are involved, it helps build and uplift your community, but if they're removed, there's no connection, leading to a negative impact.

I asked admissions teams to ask themselves all these questions and to reflect because reflection brings wisdom that you can apply to move forward. It's okay to take risks here and there, but these questions will bring you the clarity you need on what risks are worth taking.

I'd love to know, how are your admissions determining what applicants to accept? Email me at [email protected]. Chat soon!