We are passionate about creating innovative solutions that fit your needs and resources and specialize in serving and partnering with small schools with less than 400 students.

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Why Independent Schools Partner With Us

Stop doing what everyone else is doing. We implement strategies that make you stand out. We provide the key data and strategy to help you become more efficient and effective as a school and expertly execute your goals for fundraising, admissions, enrollment, and retention, etc., while creating exceptional results with more certainty and ease.

Strategic consulting

We’re here to help you create more time, money, and energy while making your job easier and your entire team more efficient and effective at what they do best.

We assess your current and potential projects, then create highly individualized solutions that work with your resources to accelerate and expand your results with greater efficiency and excellence.

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Leadership and Advancement, Support and Coaching

We act as your right-hand resource and retained experts in the fields of fundraising, admissions, marketing, and head of school leadership.

We advise on everything from communication, changes, growth strategy, and anything else you may need to move your school forward with less friction and more ease.

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Personalized market research and customized data

We conduct 1:1 interviews with parents, students, staff, board members, alumni, prospective families, and more to gather a full-spectrum view of your challenges and opportunities.

Then, we organize and analyze our findings and put them into actionable strategies that set you up for short-term and long-term success.

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What Schools Say About Us

"Working with Aubrey and her team feels like we have doubled the size of our Advancement Team without the additional payroll expense. Aubrey's valuable expertise, coupled with her boundless energy and attention to detail, has helped us better define our messaging and identify our target audience. I would strongly recommend her services. You definitely get your bang for the buck as well as a personal cheerleader encouraging you every step of the way."


Alison Tyler, 

Head of School

“Aubrey is fantastic, not just in her knowledge of marketing for small schools, but in the way she shares her knowledge. She is upbeat, positive, and quick to give pats on the back. She has extensive expertise in the field of marketing and communications, and any school would benefit from partnering with her.”





MJ Zafis-Garcia

Co-Director of Development

"We hired Aubrey as a consultant and her fees have been well worth her advice, not only in concrete ways like admissions numbers and fundraised dollars but so much more importantly in abstract ways. She has helped us build a culture of giving for our families and the community beyond enrolled students. She has helped us understand who our "avatar" or "ideal customer" is and most importantly, helped us attract those families and then KEEP them."



Natasha Soderberg

Associate Head


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