How to be Successful Delegating, Deleting, & Finding YOUR Zone of Genius

Nov 05, 2022

I'm excited you're here with me today because we're going to talk about how to be successful in your role, particularly with delegating, deletion, and outsourcing. So a lot of times when schools come to me, they're very, very, very overwhelmed.

You all have very busy jobs. You're wearing many hats.  And a lot of times we see people burn out in schools rather quickly because they're just taking on too much.

I'm really passionate about making sure that school leaders stay in schools longer.  And that means, working with them to figure out how to be successful in their role. 

So here are a few tips for what we've seen work for people who are juggling it all and feeling burnt out. 

✍️ First, write down everything you do. I know this sounds overwhelming, but it’s important and you just want to do a brain dump, list all of your tasks, and all of your projects, and then rank the task by return on investment. 

Be honest, and ask yourself, do you see a direct return on investment? Is this task or project, something that is actually moving the needle forward? Right? So that's number one. 

 🤓 Number two, you identify your zone of genius.  What are the things that really only you can do that move the needle for the school, that you're just really good at and it comes naturally to you?

And then ask yourself, how can you really lean into that zone? A lot of times for small school leaders, your zone of genius happens to be your relationship-building efforts because it's what only you can do, Right? It’s also something that you may be really passionate about and finding a way to capitalize on that thing, even for a small amount of time each week, can help to feed rather than drain your cup. 

🔃 Then you're going to look at the remainder of the things on your list and ask what can I delegate. What can I outsource internally or externally? There are so many options nowadays, with virtual assistants and interns, etc., so many options for you to be able to delegate effectively. 

 And then the last one is to delete. Now schools never want to delete things, but here's the truth, you're going to have to delete some things in order to be successful. 

Really look at this as you're moving forward through the year, because you're going to have to make some hard decisions in order to make sure that you don't burn out and that you're helping your school meet its goals.

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