Marketing Minute: Must Send Emails

Dec 17, 2022

We're going to talk about the one email that you need to send every month to your community. And when I'm talking community, I'm talking about your admissions list, your summer camp list, your parents, your grandparents, and your donors. Everyone, okay.

And the goal of this one email is to connect people with the heart of your school, with the value you have to offer.

You want to feature some really cool things that are happening on campus. Highlight some students and what they're up to. Alumni, staff, campus, traditions, the list is endless. Be sure you include a lot of photos and videos if you have them, and really make it a warm and fuzzy piece. No, ask for money here, okay?

In addition be sure to include an invitation to any upcoming events you have, because even if they can't attend it will spark memories and remind them that you care enough to include them. You really want to connect with these audiences so that you'll be on top of their mind when the time comes for annual fund or admissions work.

We found that this really does have a positive impact on retention and fundraising, so I hope you'll try it at your school.

If you're looking for more ways to connect with your school community check out these topics:

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