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Marketing Minute: Relationship Building


Today I'm going to talk with you about relationship building. 🤝 

Now, relationship building is key to so many efforts. 🗝️

➡️ Development

➡️ Marketing

 ➡️ Retention.

It is so important.👌 

And there are many ways that you can relationship build.

You can have conversations.

You can attend events.

You can make phone calls.

  You can write notes.

You can send photos and swag...

To your current parents, your grandparents, your alumni, your alumni family, and your donors. So many different constituent groups. 🙌 

And we need to build these relationships.

If we put in the time now, 🕰️ 

👏 We're going to see retention increase.

👏 We're going to see funds-raised increase.

We're going to see all those wonderful positive outcomes, come back to us when we put in the time.

My suggestion… set aside one hour every week to focus on relationship building. If you chip away at it like that, it makes it so much easier. 😎 

You can also find some good tips in these blogs...

So what are you doing this month to make sure that you are pursuing these relationship-building efforts? Email me @ [email protected], connect with me on LinkedIn, or join me at our next Small School Leaders Meetup!

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