The 3 Year Cycle in Marketing Development and Admissions

Nov 12, 2022

So we're going to talk about the three-year cycle. Why is this important? Well, let me explain how this works.

When you are planning to launch a project or make significant changes, maybe you’re going to launch a new event, get rid of an event, or trying to reorganize things in a department or anything like that.

Then you need to be aware of the three-year cycle. This is how almost everything works, on a three-year cycle. The first year is coming up with and implementing things. It's a building year. 

In the second year you're testing out the things that you put in place and tweaking them because you have learned about what worked and what didn’t work from that first year.

The third year is when you see it's streamlined, it's become a system. It's producing a lot more consistent results. You might see results before then, but really the third year is when you see everything rolling smoothly.

So whenever you're planning something in a school, remember there is a three-year cycle, and it will help you to set expectations for yourself, for your team, for your board, and for your school.  It just makes things a lot easier when you understand it.  

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