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The Parent Perspective: The Key To Marketing Enrollment & Retention 🗝


✨ Hi there!

🗝 Did you know that understanding the parent perspective is key to your marketing enrollment and retention at your school? 

The majority of those working in small schools are most likely wearing multiple hats, constantly busy - so it’s much easier to continue on as you have been with the same marketing approaches. But here we enter a tricky territory, something I like to call: the dangerous cycle of assumptions 😨

We assume we know what parents are thinking, feeling, when they are going to decide come enrollment, etc. 

🤭 The dangerous thing about assuming is we can be wrong! 

If we’re not actively collecting the data we need to know what parents are really thinking and feeling, then we truly don’t know our parents as much as we should. 

Figure out why your parents are enrolled in your school, what they truly think about what you have to offer, and if they find it valuable. Learn how they feel about your communications, fundraising, faculty, and leadership. 

🏫  Parents are the #1 enrollment driver in your school, so it’s critical to understand their perspective so that we can do a  better job, so this information is KEY to unlocking the right strategic decisions for your school. 

🎉 Interested in finding out what your parents really have to say? Consider booking some Third-Party Interviews, where I collect the data you need to thrive! 

Not sure how Third-Party Interviews can benefit you? Watch my video to learn more

✨ Let me know, how are you getting feedback from your enrolled parents? I’d love to know, email me at [email protected]



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