💸 What to Budget for in 2022

Dec 17, 2021

✨ Hi there!

Want to budget for success this upcoming year? 

Here's a few mindful budgeting tips I practice and suggest you adopt as you're looking ahead into the new year. 

 1️⃣ What was the return on investment of the things that we actually did with our budget last year. What was the return on investment? I want to know, because if something wasn't a good return on investment, I am not going to repeat it this next year.

2️⃣I list out all the challenges the school and my department are facingthen I list them on one side of the page and brainstorm possible solutions. For example, maybe your school is struggling to understand why families are leaving your school - budget for some Third-Party Interviews to understand why this is. 

3️⃣My team and I, together we assess for the future what do we really want to make our priorities for next year? Maybe your school wants to host more community events to boost parent engagement, or invest in more digital advertising to share your message, etc. Figure out what is most important to you and your school.

💸 A budget is a flowing thing. It has to reflect where the school's out, where the challenges are, where the opportunities are and what your teams dynamic and bandwidth is during that specific upcoming year and that's going to change every year.

Want to learn more? Be sure to watch the attached video!

✨ I'd love to know, what's your budgeting go to? 

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